Top Business Intelligence Software Solutions for Your Company
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Top Business Intelligence Software Solutions for Your Company

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Choosing the Best Business Intelligence Software for Your Business

A business intelligence software is an essential tool for businesses looking to identify new opportunities to improve return of investment & competitive benefits based on insights. With different types of software available, it is crucial to choose the right one for your business.

The Different Types of Business Intelligence Software

There are several types of business intelligence software available:

  • Operational Business Intelligence: Provides real-time operation data to managers so that they can make decisions better and faster.
  • Online Analytical Processing: Vital for limited report viewing, ‘what if’ scenarios, complex queries & calculations, etc.
  • Embedded Business Intelligence: Integrates reports, interactive dashboards, and data visualization in a business application.
  • Open-source Business Intelligence: Allows for more flexibility as you can modify code.
  • Location Intelligence: Uses geospatial data analysis that is helpful in making geographical decisions.

The Top Business Intelligence Software

Here are the top options to consider when choosing the best business intelligence software:

  1. Microsoft Power BI

    Microsoft Power BI is downloadable software that can be run on a reporting server or on the cloud. It features built-in AI capabilities, data connectors, and Excel integration. It also comes with real-time access monitoring as well as end-to-end data encryption.

  2. Tableau

    Tableau is user-friendly and has powerful visualization capabilities. It features live visual analytics that allows you to spot trends in data quickly. It supports sources of data including Google Analytics, PDF files, Box, Microsoft Excel, etc.

  3. QlikSense

    QlikSense emphasizes a self-service approach and supports various analytics use cases. It has a user-friendly interface, sophisticated AI, and high-performance cloud platforms. It also offers Search & Conversational Analytics and associative exploration capability.

  4. Dundas BI

    Dundas BI is a browser-based business intelligence tool that allows you to analyze data on your own with its drag & drop function. It offers powerful data visualization capabilities and does not require involvement from your IT team.

When choosing the best business intelligence software for your business, make sure to consider your business needs carefully.

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