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Best Free Business Intelligence Software

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Find Out the Best Free Business Intelligence Software

If you want to improve your business services or products, you need to use the best business intelligence (BI) software. And the good news is, you can find the best ones for free! Let’s take a look at the best free business intelligence software options available.

What Will You Get with the Best Free Business Intelligence Software?

Free BI software provides many capabilities of data analytics. Some advantages include data visualization, data preparation, self-service analytics, mobility, and easy deployment. However, there are also some drawbacks that relate to no/low code, user-friendly interface, integrations, reporting, and functionality.

What Is the Best Free Business Intelligence Software?

After a thorough analysis, we have come up with the best options for free business intelligence software:

  1. Tableau Public

    Tableau Public is a freemium software that is a great option for those who want to create nice visual data representations for free. Its online gallery provides a public library and data visualizations. In addition to its free version, Tableau Public is also available in the Tableau Desktop, Server, & online paid packages. It offers free features including data preparation, data visualization, data storytelling, and community support.

  2. Zoho Analytics

    Zoho Analytics is an online data analytics & reporting tool that helps you to analyze historical & current statistics of business to identify & display trends. It comes with some free features such as workspaces, data import, reporting, mobility, and data modeling & analysis. It is considered one of the top business intelligence tools for free.

  3. Power BI

    Power BI is one of the strongest business intelligence tools in the world, and the good news is that it is free. It is available in the cloud & on premises and supports any mobile device including Android, iOS, and Windows. This tool allows you to use its free features that include data integration, data preparation, augmented analytics, and reporting.

  4. QlikView

    QlikView enables you to create advanced data visualization applications. Its free version is appropriate for small startups, students, and individuals. You don’t need to worry because it offers the full functionality spectrum as the paid version. It offers free features such as associate analytics, deploy anywhere, big data integration, and embedded analytics.

Overall, these are the best free business intelligence software options available that offer various capabilities for your business needs.

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